US-Iran Relations: From Nuclear Deal to Renewed Tensions?

‘US-Iran Relations: From Nuclear Deal to Renewed Tensions?’ – new article published by Global Policy journal.

For those hoping for smoother and more prosperous US-Iran relations, numerous developments over the past few years have given grounds for cautious optimism.  At the very least, it seemed, both the Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani administrations had been making considerable headway in turning important domestic events in Iran into some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement. Very recently, however, at least some of the pillars underpinning this tentative rapprochement would appear to be eroding, as evidence builds that indicates the US ultimately prefers to see no all-powerful regional hegemon emerging in the Middle East, and instead seeks to manage a new and perhaps more sectarian ‘competitive balance of rivalries’ between Iran and longstanding Western allies such as Saudi Arabia.

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