Peer-reviewed academic journal articles (and book chapters):

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Download of ‘Expatriates and the Gulf Monarchies: Politics, Security, and the Arab Spring’ (Asian Affairs, Vol. 45, No. 2, 2014) available here.

Selected opinion pieces, essays, and in-depth interviews:

The Conversation 5/11/17: Qatar Blockade and Saudi Arabia: Could there be a Power Shift in Doha? / Arabic version

Middle East Eye 23/6/17: Saudi ups the ante: what next for embattled Qatar? / French version

Middle East Eye 6/6/17: The Qatar Crisis: A ‘Win-Win’ for the United States? / French version

Global Policy 5/5/17: US-Iran Relations: From Nuclear Deal to Renewed Tensions?

Medium 20/3/17: Daech, un ‘atout stratégique ‘ sous l’administration Obama? (interviewer and investigator: Maxime Choix)

OpenDemocracy 18/1/17: What is the role of the West in the Middle East? / Arabic version (interviewer: Ian Sinclair)

Middle East Eye 30/0/16: The 9/11 bill, Saudi Arabia, and the secret history of that day / Arabic version / French version

BBC News 15/4/15: Viewpoint: Wealthy and stable UAE keeps the lid on dissent

Times Higher Education 2/10/14: The rules of Twitter engagement

New York Times 18/10/13: The Last of the Sheiks? / Arabic version

Foreign Affairs 10/10/13: The Arab Sunset / Arabic version

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 15/8/13: Looming Political Shift / Arabic version

Times Higher Education 6/12/12: Oil and Troubled Waters (Gulf funding in UK universities)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 18/9/12: Fear and Loathing in the Emirates / Arabic version

New York Times 29/8/12: The Importance of the Unwritten Social Contract Among the Arab Monarchies

Foreign Policy 14/4/11: The Making of a Police State

Guardian 29/11/09: Dubai’s property bonanza just wasn’t built to last

BBC News 27/11/09: What is Dubai and who runs it?

Al-Akhbar 24/9/09: انهيار دبي الكبير