Peer-reviewed academic journal articles (and book chapters):

Full list available here.

Google scholar profile available here.

Download of ‘Why Was Muammar Qadhafi Really Removed?’ (Middle East Policy, Vol. 24, No. 4, 2017) available here.

Download of ‘Expatriates and the Gulf Monarchies: Politics, Security, and the Arab Spring’ (Asian Affairs, Vol. 45, No. 2, 2014) available here.

Selected opinion pieces, essays, and in-depth interviews:

Arab Digest 8/5/18: The UAE’s Foreign Policy – 2018 Edition

Middle East Eye 19/3/18: A hard sell: Mohammed Bin Salman goes to Washington to flog a new Saudi Arabia

The Conversation 5/11/17: Qatar Blockade and Saudi Arabia: Could there be a Power Shift in Doha? / Arabic version

Middle East Eye 23/6/17: Saudi ups the ante: what next for embattled Qatar? / French version

Middle East Eye 6/6/17: The Qatar Crisis: A ‘Win-Win’ for the United States? / French version

Global Policy 5/5/17: US-Iran Relations: From Nuclear Deal to Renewed Tensions?

Medium 20/3/17: Daech, un ‘atout stratégique ‘ sous l’administration Obama? (interviewer and investigator: Maxime Choix)

OpenDemocracy 18/1/17: What is the role of the West in the Middle East? / Arabic version (interviewer: Ian Sinclair)

Middle East Eye 30/0/16: The 9/11 bill, Saudi Arabia, and the secret history of that day / Arabic version / French version

BBC News 15/4/15: Viewpoint: Wealthy and stable UAE keeps the lid on dissent

Times Higher Education 2/10/14: The rules of Twitter engagement

New York Times 18/10/13: The Last of the Sheiks? / Arabic version

Foreign Affairs 10/10/13: The Arab Sunset / Arabic version

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 15/8/13: Looming Political Shift / Arabic version

Times Higher Education 6/12/12: Oil and Troubled Waters (Gulf funding in UK universities)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 18/9/12: Fear and Loathing in the Emirates / Arabic version

New York Times 29/8/12: The Importance of the Unwritten Social Contract Among the Arab Monarchies

Foreign Policy 14/4/11: The Making of a Police State

Guardian 29/11/09: Dubai’s property bonanza just wasn’t built to last

BBC News 27/11/09: What is Dubai and who runs it?

Al-Akhbar 24/9/09: انهيار دبي الكبير